Uros and Taquile Island



Be sure to fuel up this morning, as this full-day experience will last around 9 hours. Your Lake Titicaca tour will take you to two of the lake’s most fascinating islands. First, the floating Uros islands are composed of about 32 islands constructed of many layers of totora reeds. Using centuries-old techniques, native residents weave the islands by hand. While visiting the islands, you’ll be given the chance to learn about local customs, explore the reed homes, and ride on reed boats.

This exciting tour continues to Taquile Island, located about 30 miles by boat from Puno. During the boat ride, you’ll be able to enjoy amazing views of Lake Titicaca, perched at 12,500 feet in elevation, and of the surrounding peninsulas. Taquile Island is home to numerous pre-Inca and Inca ruins, and the island inhabitants still maintain many time-honored traditions, which are reflected in their clothing and in their beautiful handicrafts.

You will visit the most important sites of the island, including the main plaza and the market, as well as have opportunities to take pictures of the island landscape and surrounding lake views. Be prepared for some effort, though, as due to the island’s geography, the tour of Taquile involves hiking up hills and climbing stone stairs. Taquile’s over 500 stone stairs are infamous, so be sure to bring comfortable walking shoes for your visit. Fortunately, the lake views are well worth the climb, and there are many places to stop and rest along the way.

After touring Taquile, you’ll have time to enjoy a local lunch, before return by boat to Puno.




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