Tour to Sillustani


Duration tour: 3 hrs approx.
Schedules: 14.00 hrs
Daily Departures: All Days.


Sillustani is one of the archaeological sites on the Andes.  Amazing Inca burial site, made up by huge cylindrical towers where the Kollas used to bury their mummies. It is said the Incas conquered them in the XV century and continued building theses graves improving the technique. Nowadays is still possible to see well preserved tombs including some carving icons. The trip take about 50 minutes and offers along the way interesting views of the Andes, arriving to the archaeological site, we walk by important sectors of the burial site and the tour guide will give us a good insight into the Andean culture. Our tour in Sillustani ends up with wonderful panoramic view of the Lake Umayo. Afterwards we have a chance to visit a local family that lives along the road. You will also have a chance to see alpacas, Llamas and guinea pigs.




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